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At Harvest Time, we value membership. To us, Harvest Time is more than a platform for preaching and furthering the gospel—we’re a community of believers. As believers, we are to live out our Christian lives in the context of the local church. In the same way that the physical body has different, interconnected members, Paul tells us that we are “members one of another.” While you could remain a guest of Harvest Time or even a regular attendee of our weekend services, the real value of Harvest Time begins with membership. Membership implies a commitment to the HT family. It’s your way of saying, “Count on me!” In turn, we promise to commit Harvest Time resources to meet your spiritual needs. That’s our way of saying, “You can count on us!”

Joining Harvest Time allows you to be a part of a powerful kingdom community and receive the blessings and benefits of being a member. You can become a member of Harvest Time by attending Growth Track.

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